Directed by: Gary Alazraki
Written by: Gary Alazraki, Adrian Zurita, Patricio Saiz

Starring: Gonzalo Vega, Karla Souza, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Juan Pablo Gil, Ianis Guerrero, Carlos Gascón

Logline: Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable – get a job.


Germán Noble (Gonzalo Vega), a recently widowed millionaire, after having a pre-heart attack, realizes his two sons, Javi and Cha (Luis Gerardo Méndez & Juan Pablo Gil) and daughter Bárbara (Karla Souza) don’t know how to make their own way in the real world. He decides to pull off a charade where he says he’s broken and his former partners are after him, so they go hiding into Germán’s father’s old house, a little place in a poor neighboorhood. While living here, German tells his kids they will have to be more independent, get jobs, and earn their own money. With the help of their maid’s nephew, Lucho, they get jobs as a bus driver, a bank employee, and a waitress. As days go bye, Javi, Cha and Barbara, learn to appreciate what they have earned and even grow fond of their job mates. So, the Noble family starts being a more united one, where all four of them will know each other better than any other time. Germán’s plan is working until it’s compromised by Peter (Juan Carlos Gascón), Bárbara’s boyfriend, who attempts to bribe Germán by putting an end to his whole charade, unless he allows Barbara to marry him, and give him a part of the family’s inheritance. Unable to say yes to this terms, Germán tells the truth to his kids, who get mad at him, and yet, go back to their working, independent lives. After Germán asks them to forgive him, they all four have learned a lesson.


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