Created & Executive Produced by: Leyla & Ryan Haidarian

Directed & Produced by: Ryan Haidarian

Written by: Leyla Haidarian

Logline: The township make-over show

Format: Half hour


Using any and all materials they can find, people all over South Africa regularly champion the mission of building tin homes that will keep them warm and dry at night. SHANTY CHIC is a half hour shack make-over show that maximizes the creative processes already at work in these townships. It showcases the stories of deserving home-owners and profiles top designers and creative minds who use recycled materials to pimp up and give each shack the extra edge.

The idea of beautifying one’s living space regardless of the size, value and means of the inhabitants is universal. It is the goal of SHANTY CHIC to bring dignity to every home it enters through simple, cheap, recycled and found material design. Whether its creating much needed shelving by using shipping pallets or using sheets of product labeling as wallpaper, design will be all about form following function on this show.


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Pilot Episode (password required)