Producer/Director/Editor: Leyla & Ryan Haidarian

Logline: The cuteness of kids telling the world what they think each virtue means.

Format: 52 x 1min. fillers


In these 60-second fillers, a group of 6-8 children tell us what they think various human virtues mean and why we must cultivate them. The virtues they think about and describe include: unity, love, patience, service, generosity, happiness, trustworthiness, gratitude, caring, compassion, truthfulness, perseverance, responsibility, kindness, fairness and respect…

Each piece starts with a dictionary definition of the virtue and then transitions into snippets of kids telling us what they think the word means. This is intercut with b-roll of the kids playing, drawing and singing. Each piece ends with an inspiring quote about the virtue from one of the many world religions and philosophies! These inspirational pieces will bring all hearts to melt!